The Long Road

Yeah, okay, so I can sometimes not update my blog or website. It happens. Between life, family and work, and not necessarily in that order, things can get away from you.

What’s new in my writing world?

No new books or novellas are out, though, of course, I’ve been working on many things. Mainly I’ve been working on ALONE, which is based in my post post-apoc TRANSPORT universe. In ALONE, John Doe, a supposed homeless guy, gets harassed enough by the local militia. he gets tired of the LIVING humanity and escapes into the UCRA–where the local undead are kept. The local, tranquil and protected UNDEAD.

In my TRANSPORT series, the reader gets a glimpse into the UCRA, or Undead Civilian Retention Area.

You get to see that the local military presence in the living city of Grand Rapids, the Grand Rapids Central Command (GRCC) as they head through the UCRA, stopping and feeding and conversing with the local shambling citizenry.

You get to meet a group of Blessed Sisters from the West Side Apostolate who cloth and care for the local undead.

The John Ball Park and Zoo, you find, is a double-fenced, highly-quarantined and not-ventured-into area due to the crazed local university geneticists mucked about with the animals within…so now, no one  gets close to the place.

And SW of the zoo, on the grounds of the old Butterworth Landfill, the BTF. Butterworth Test Facility, where troops that have fallen into zombie-state, can be patched up and re-serviced.

HOWEVER, these areas and experiences are all short glimpses into the UCRA. With ALONE, you get to go INSIDE for a prolonged period with John Doe and see what really goes on inside the quarantine zone.

ALONE will be a series of sequential “short stories/novellas,” all under one cover.

The first, introductory store HARD ENTRANCE is written. The other tales will tentatively be titled: A FATHER’S LOVE, FANGS, EVERYONE LOVES SISTER MIROSE and HARD EXIT, with perhaps one or two more added.

Oh, and BOB the 1950’s gas station attendant is special guest star in some of the tales.

Til next time. Keep moving forward!