Dark Fantasy doesn’t mean End Times

I have a new Dark Heroic Fantasy book that I put a lot of work into: revising, re-editing, a new interior art piece from illustrator Carlos Villas.

The Saga of Braccus Straun Volume 1 is and has been a labor of love and a nod to some of the great authors I read as a kid and young adult…and even now. It is action. It is adventure. It is about a father and husband who has to do a crap job to keep his family fed and clothed and sheltered, who ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time, dealing with a person who wants his revenge on a person not even closely related to Braccus.

So bad things happen to Brac and his family. He finds himself out there all alone with just his wits and know-how. He has to save his family in the end. He has to save himself even though things appear dire all around him.

He keeps MOVING FORWARD against all odds, against an rough today and uncertain tomorrow.

And he finds something interesting along the way as he traverses his world with eyes wide open.

The Saga of Braccus Straun could be anyone’s life story in a grand, exaggerated way, with Brac’s set in a fictional fantasy world. The stories are a nod to great genre writers that I have enjoyed and still do: Moorcock, Wagner, Howard, Shrewsbury…to name but a few.

If there is any message in Straun’s story, it is: be strong, keep going against all odds, keep moving forward.

IMG_0584.JPGblurb promo.jpgIMG_0585.JPG


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