Following Your Passion

Not JK Rowling or Stephen King. Writing is not my day job. Writing is not my bread and butter, or feeds the family nor pays the mortgage and car payments. An end goal perhaps? Sure. But for now, it is SOMETHING. It is a passion like gardening or keeping your house clean or maintaining your FB presence (if that’s your thing) or painting or composing music or poetry.

Writing is a passion and happy but grueling pursuit for the deep inner ME. It is a personal thing; the tasty bacon, though a little greasy strip, that wraps around the larger meaty part of my life which is family, breathing, friends, breathing, and work. It is my little personal a-way place I can go to truly be a little different, to lay on the couch in the therapists office and fictionally spill my guts.

My passion for and in writing is always a work-in-progress. An adventure. A destination. And with anything you truly love, you hope it’s always there and a long road.

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Beginnings Again

Not sure why but kind’ve been OFF CIRCUIT over the summer (2017). Been busy doing family things and working and breathing, but from a writing standpoint and updating my blog and writing happenings… ummm… not so much.

It’s the end of summer 2017. The kids are gearing up to go back to school. Soon the days will turn cooler. The trees will start to change colors. It’s as good of time as any to START ANEW.

Actually, ANY TIME is a good time and a fine time to start anew. If you were procrastinating yesterday, TODAY is the day to turn that around and start fresh, to buck up and taken on your world, your projects, your life, head on. You can do eet, Stimpy!!!

So, without further adieu, let’s get rolling again.

My latest addition to the literary mythos is a short story in PRO SE Press’s PRIMAL FEAR anthology that just came out about a month ago. REVENGE OF THE ROADKILL is my little tale.


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