Bull, Bits & Bedlam


I am hoping this time of year finds you starting to  eat your fill of whatever you need for hibernation season, and that you get outside and enjoy the Autumnal season in whatever locale you reside.

I am also hoping that next month, October, there will be a few new titles out for public consumption with my name upon them.

Here’s what is hopefully going to be available:

BULL – The second novella in the JOE CROSS: URBAN SALVAGE ENGINEER series. The story takes place on the heels of TRANSPORT: UNCIVIL WAR. (You don’t need to read that to know what’s going on BUT if you feel so inclined, you can find UNCIVIL WAR here.) Joe heads northward, just outside of Reganshire, on his way to acquire a Northern Michigan map dotted with supposed areas where “treasure troves of goods” can be found in this post-apoc landscape. He doesn’t get very far before he runs into trouble and is sidetracked from his main venture. He becomes mixed up with a few fellow Reganite soldiers, and they all become stomping targets for a mutated and monstrously large creature that all thought had been run out of the area. Nope. Still here.

Publisher: Peninsulam Publishing

Cover Art: Russ Colter    Interior Art: Tim Holtrop and Russ Colter

FACES IN PERDITION AND OTHER TALES – I have a collection of short stories that relate to a dystopian and/or post-apoc Michigan landscape. All action-adventure and suspense-thriller pieces. Some of these stories have been published elsewhere years ago, or were written for publication but didn’t make the cut. FACES will bring these short stories, and some other new short works, into one book along with commentary between the works on such subjects as WHY MICHIGAN or WHY DO I WRITE DOOMSDAY STORIES WHEN I AM SUCH A NICE, HAPPY GUY. FACES will include stories such as Alt-History SIGNAL IN THE DISTANCE: a U.S. Korean War ex-CO (commissioned officer), living in a fallout shelter in the shattered Michigan landscape, finds its not the Red Army who’s invaded the region, and also witnesses the rise of a creature that’s been resting 900 feet below the surface of Lake Michigan. Whee! Mayhem ensues!

Publisher: Peninsulam Publishing

Cover: Peter Welmerink

BEDLAM UNLEASHED – This book chronicles the first written histories of Viking berserker, Erik Bedlam, and his traveling companion, Alanis Johannson, as they venture from Ireland (The Battle of Clontarf) to Scotland and down through England trying to find a means to get back home. With an axe shard buried in Erik’s skull, the behemoth sees things not of this world and is truly dangerous and a threat to both foe and ally. Erik and Alanis seem to be magnets attracting all manner of supernatural and mysterious peoples, creatures and events as they wander the 11th century landscape. This is the first book in a (hopeful) series of four: BEDLAM UNLEASHED, BEDLAM LIVES, BEDLAM RULES and BEDLAM IN AFRICA. Written with the author-extraordinaire and Master of Dark Fantasy, Steven L. Shrewsbury.

Publisher: Seventh Star Press

Cover Art: Tim Holtrop

Halloween will be very, very timid compared to the titles above.

Stay tuned for more info on these and other titles and events.

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