Bull, Bits & Bedlam


I am hoping this time of year finds you starting to  eat your fill of whatever you need for hibernation season, and that you get outside and enjoy the Autumnal season in whatever locale you reside.

I am also hoping that next month, October, there will be a few new titles out for public consumption with my name upon them.

Here’s what is hopefully going to be available:

BULL – The second novella in the JOE CROSS: URBAN SALVAGE ENGINEER series. The story takes place on the heels of TRANSPORT: UNCIVIL WAR. (You don’t need to read that to know what’s going on BUT if you feel so inclined, you can find UNCIVIL WAR here.) Joe heads northward, just outside of Reganshire, on his way to acquire a Northern Michigan map dotted with supposed areas where “treasure troves of goods” can be found in this post-apoc landscape. He doesn’t get very far before he runs into trouble and is sidetracked from his main venture. He becomes mixed up with a few fellow Reganite soldiers, and they all become stomping targets for a mutated and monstrously large creature that all thought had been run out of the area. Nope. Still here.

Publisher: Peninsulam Publishing

Cover Art: Russ Colter    Interior Art: Tim Holtrop and Russ Colter

FACES IN PERDITION AND OTHER TALES – I have a collection of short stories that relate to a dystopian and/or post-apoc Michigan landscape. All action-adventure and suspense-thriller pieces. Some of these stories have been published elsewhere years ago, or were written for publication but didn’t make the cut. FACES will bring these short stories, and some other new short works, into one book along with commentary between the works on such subjects as WHY MICHIGAN or WHY DO I WRITE DOOMSDAY STORIES WHEN I AM SUCH A NICE, HAPPY GUY. FACES will include stories such as Alt-History SIGNAL IN THE DISTANCE: a U.S. Korean War ex-CO (commissioned officer), living in a fallout shelter in the shattered Michigan landscape, finds its not the Red Army who’s invaded the region, and also witnesses the rise of a creature that’s been resting 900 feet below the surface of Lake Michigan. Whee! Mayhem ensues!

Publisher: Peninsulam Publishing

Cover: Peter Welmerink

BEDLAM UNLEASHED – This book chronicles the first written histories of Viking berserker, Erik Bedlam, and his traveling companion, Alanis Johannson, as they venture from Ireland (The Battle of Clontarf) to Scotland and down through England trying to find a means to get back home. With an axe shard buried in Erik’s skull, the behemoth sees things not of this world and is truly dangerous and a threat to both foe and ally. Erik and Alanis seem to be magnets attracting all manner of supernatural and mysterious peoples, creatures and events as they wander the 11th century landscape. This is the first book in a (hopeful) series of four: BEDLAM UNLEASHED, BEDLAM LIVES, BEDLAM RULES and BEDLAM IN AFRICA. Written with the author-extraordinaire and Master of Dark Fantasy, Steven L. Shrewsbury.

Publisher: Seventh Star Press

Cover Art: Tim Holtrop

Halloween will be very, very timid compared to the titles above.

Stay tuned for more info on these and other titles and events.

Create on!!


Passion. Find it. And release.

find your passion

My passion is writing. My passion is creating characters, putting them in fantastical situations, and seeing how they get out of trouble, or get deeper into it, and then try to move forward. And sometimes they succeed. And sometimes they fail.

My passion is creating. Just like a dancer, a illustrator, a carpenter, etc.

Yeah, I don’t CREATE full time. Nor do I make my day job out of it…for now. But I have the drive, THE PASSION, and it is something I carry with me 24/7. It’s there. It’s part of my soul, part of my core being.

A passion, an interest, also keeps me moving forward. Keeps me moving forward on those rough days. It gives me something to look forward to. That, at some point, I will sit down and scribble some notes on some new fantastic voyage for a character, create a story line, an idea to start making the creative juices flow. The magic is made when I can sit down at my writing mechanism of choice (and availability) and start that creation process.

I don’t believe in writers block. If there seems to be a day of consternation, I smash through it and just write up some gibberish, or work on something new, setting the main piece or project aside.

Have to keep on keeping on. Because it’s like an arm, or a leg, or a head. It’s part of me!

This passion. This creativity. This yearning to create. IT’S PART OF ME.

So I say to you, CREATE ON. Follow your passion in life, whatever it is.

Long Time, No Posts


Hey, it might be a good idea for me to post something here once in a while. Yes? No?

So, I apologize for the silence.

What’s new since my last post in *groan* December?

My new stand-alone TRANSPORT character, Joe Cross, has come to the light of post post-apoc West Michigan in the form of RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL, the first novella in the JOE CROSS: URBAN SALVAGE ENGINEER series. (Currently have scheduled 4 novellas featuring Joe Cross.)

RWTD cvr

After RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL, the next novella is BULL. That piece is done and off to the editor. I am hoping for a late July/early September release for that one.

The Joe Cross material will be published by Peninsulam Publishing.

Oh, and a cool B&W interior art piece of Joe and his traveling companion, Albert, will be in each book, done up by the tremendously awesome Tim Holtrop.

Joe Cross is set in the TRANSPORT Universe along/within the same timeline as the TRANSPORT Series. The TRANSPORT Series is complete and available locally at Schuler Books (28th Street location), and Amazon and B&N.com.

I am continuing to work on getting all my books into the local libraries around West Michigan.

I am also working on another stand-alone character, one-shot book featuring the stories of a homeless man who decides to leave the LIVING humanity of the big city of post-apoc Grand Rapids, and live among the the UNLIVING civilians with the UCRA–the enclosure on the west side of town that holds the local Undead. Look for ALONE coming to a book store near you. 🙂

On a whole different front…and genre…once again ERIK BEDLAM and his stalwart Norse traveling companion, Alanis Johansson, will see their adventures become available again through Seventh Star Press late summer 2016. A collaborative effort between the talented Steven Shrewsbury and myself, BEDLAM UNLEASHED will be the first of (hopefully) a 4 book series. Come adventure with a massive Viking berserker in 11th century Europe!

Other than those feats in literary tom-foolery, I continue to enjoy summer with the family, and work, and breathe. All important things. Yes, yes. 🙂

So, until next time–which hopefully won’t be six months out…

Read on! Create on! And be positive!


PS, also, my little Lake Michigan lakeshore SciFi novella, RETURN TO STRANGE HOME, is available through Peninsulam Publishing. Even have a very cool book trailer done up by the fabulous Frozen Creek Studios folk.

Why I Create

I am no one special. I just have this affliction called CREATIVITY that makes my mind churn, sends its strange ideas down to my fingers which abuse my computer keyboard and expunge stories of the bizarre and fantastic.

Probably the former.

I’ve been doing this since I was a little kid, letting my creative mind wander and sometimes getting it out into the open via hand-written stories, cartoons, comics. Mostly for my own entertainment.

I didn’t start sharing my creativity with the world until, officially, 1993, and then more so and in bulk, ie, many thousands of words which transformed themselves into short stories, novels and novellas. (No graphic novels. yet.)

And I swear, since I turned 50, the ideas and writings have risen to the surface like they did waaay baaack when I first started creating. Not sure why the flame has been re-ignited so hot and brightly now, but am glad for it. Gives some additional meaning and excitement to life.

So, why do I create?


Not that my life has ever been REALLY REALLY bad that I needed to escape from it, but reading adventure books, watching action-adventure movies–either sword and sorcery, or SciFi–left me (since I had the creative bug) wanting to pen my own adventures. Because it is fun. Because it is adventure.

Because I think I’d explode if I didn’t have an outlet for all these stories in my melon.

Why do you create? When did you start creating? Why do you feel the need to keep on creating?

Whatever your answer and reasons, it is good to be…



As a child I used to write these little stick-figure comics/exploits of a character I made up: SPACE VOYAGER. As a adult, I wrote a text-based adventure story about the character and got to see it come to life. Tis awesomeness. Very happy.

space voyager1




Changing things up

I am going to move my main site (peterwelmerink.com) to this one (The Worlds of Peter Welmerink) due to I simply do not utilize the prior like I should.

What I will do here:

Add updated about my publications.

Add little blurbs about what I am up to.

Add little snippets from other authors and CREATIVES. (Creatives = all peoples who write, illustrate, compose, etc.)  🙂

Why  should you care?  Why not, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride, and, hopefully, be entertained.

Happy Holidays.

Peter Welmerink

Teaser: John O’Brien #WinterofZombie

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Dying Days

Untold Stories 2 - front - dead woman - FB

Teaser from A New World: Untold Stories 2


Then, almost as if a switch had been thrown, everything went quiet. No one responded to queries, no one issued ongoing situational reports. The printers fell silent and no more messages arrived on the monitors. All heads stared at their screens and then, one by one, turned toward him. It was as if the world had drawn a deep breath, ready to unleash horror upon exhale. Joe heard startled screams that erupted in a chilling fashion down the hallways and from the adjacent rooms. The held breath was expelled, releasing terror upon on an unsuspecting world.

The heads that had been watching him following the sudden cessation of communications turned sharply toward an entrance situated in the middle of one wall. The two Marine guards posted there looked at the closed steel double doors, as if they could see what…

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Teaser: Dunne Brothers #WinterofZombie

Dying Days


Tales of

The Nothing Man


Tale 1

The Lady

Michael killed himself two days ago. We lost Elliot a few weeks before that. Without his brother, I guess he figured it was all too hard, so he simply gave up. Too much pain, too much misery. I found him dangling after he threw in the towel and hung himself in the barn. I know it must have been hard for him to do, to leave me. I don’t blame him and I try not to hate him, but it is a bitter painful pill to swallow. After all, he was the man, I am the woman. Instinct drives a man to protect. Turbulent, crashing emotions threaten to drown me. Though, somehow, with feelings of pity and mercy, I hope to forgive him.

Elliot would be super pissed at him. All the effort he’d gone through to save us all…

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